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In Memory of Jarrid Wilson and all our hopes and dreams9:08

Jonathan Puddle 2.332 lượt xem

I’ve spent the morning tidying my house, crying my eyes out and singing the Common Doxology at the top of my lungs. Jarrid Wilson committed suicide. Another husband, parent, friend, pastor and author lost to us all. I had never met Jarrid but I followed him on Twitter and was encouraged and enriched by his life and his message. I had long wanted to have him as a guest on my show and share his story with others. But now I can’t. And I feel disappointed. And I feel ashamed, since I’m hardly the one who has experienced the loss here. The last time this happened we all poured out our sympathy and grief and talked about the importance of mental health awareness and of reaching out to friends. All of that conversation feels a little hollow in the case of Jarrid, who was one of the Evangelical world’s most outspoken advocates for mental health awareness and who was a support to countless people battling suicidal thoughts. He had tweeted messages of support and the importance of connection the very same day that he… And so we are shocked. We cannot believe it. It is unreal. But it is very real. Perhaps we’re already starting to get numbed to it? Perhaps the rising tide of pastoral suicide is nibbling at the edges of our hope. Read the full piece at

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