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The time Carroll Shelby tried to kill me in a Dodge Viper6:46

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Travis found Lee 1 - Travis built the Cannonball ambulance - Travis jumps the General Lee - Making license plates for Ironman - Travis Bell is the owner of Celebrity Machines ( Today he tells the story about how Carroll Shelby scared Travis to death in a pre-production Dodge Viper pace car during press day at the Indy 500. It’s YOUR turn to rip a supercar around a racetrack near you. Xtreme Xperience can make it happen starting at $139. Visit to explore cars, locations and 30% OFF driving experiences. VINwiki on iOS - VINwiki on Android - VINwiki Merchandise - Please support all of our 2020 Sponsors: AutoTempest - Premier Financial Services - Exotic Car Hacks - Dream Car Xchange - The Ticket Clinic - AvalonKing - Obsessed Garage - Transparent by GlassParency - XtremeXperience - Vincero Watches - Lux Rally - AP3 Paint Protection - ESOTERIC Fine Detail - Honey - Support the Cannonball Memorial Run - Support the Brock Yates Memorial Fund - #CarolShelby #DodgeViper #Indy500

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